7 business plan superstars – Pest control pros take the hook (1)

CEO Jay Mullis and CFO Trey Johnson

Green dragon pest control solutions
Macon, Georgia.
First place winner, FSB Business Plan Competition 2007

After landing FSBfirst prize of 2007, Green Dragon secured sufficient funds to begin production of its all-natural roach poison. CEO Jay Mullis officially launched the company in January 2008 and has since obtained a federal license from the Environmental Protection Agency to sell its boric acid formula. It is now bringing its product to the market state by state, obtaining the EPA license from each state as it goes. He already has 16 under his belt and Washington, DC, in the works.

To showcase his brand, Mullis handed out samples of his environmentally friendly and pet-safe baits at pest management conferences in the Southern States. This has led to a network of pest control professionals who are now loyal customers. For now, Mullis is focused on the professional market and expects consumer expansion. “If we tackle too many markets, we will fail,” he says. “It takes $ 40 million to create a department brand, and we just can’t do it yet.”

Green Dragon recently partnered with Univar USA, a nationwide chemicals distributor, to expand the reach of its products. While the four-person company isn’t pushing the consumer market, its website is designed to meet individual orders.

“When the FSB article was published, we got so many calls from people who wanted the bait, but we weren’t established yet, ”recalls Mullis. “Now we can start helping interested parties and profiting from the publicity. “

Stay tuned for more products: Green Dragon is testing a new ant bait using the same boric acid base that worked so well for its cockroach killer.

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