Arrow Exterminators Hosts Veteran Appreciation Banquet

U.S. Army Brigadier General Dwayne Wilson, commander of the Georgia National Guard, right, poses for a photo with Georgia Guard and Arrow leaders and supporters during the partnership signing ceremony Arrow for Youth Success at the Cherokee County Conference Center, Ga. Aug. 30, 2022. The PaYS ceremony helps service members find employment outside of the U.S. military. (Photo by Spc. Kinsey Geer)

Arrow Exterminators, based in Atlanta, Georgia, held its first Veteran Appreciation Banquet on August 20 at the Cherokee Count Conference Center on the bluffs in Canton, Georgia.

The focus of this occasion was to formally recognize Arrow exterminators‘ partnership with the US Army Partnership for Your Success (PaYS) Program. The program is a strategic partnership between the U.S. military and a cross section of businesses, businesses, and public sector organizations.

The PaYS program guarantees soldiers maintenance and possible employment after the army. This program is part of the Army’s efforts to partner with the American business community and reconnect America with its military. During the event, Arrow became one of the first pest control companies to enter into a memorandum of understanding with the military for the placement of veterans into its ranks. Officer of the signing ceremony was Brigadier General Dwayne Wilson, Deputy Adjutant General – Georgia National Guard.

The event was organized by the Veterans Committee of Arrow Exterminators, which has been a strong advocate for the veteran community.


Arrow Exterminator crew members at the Veteran Appreciation Banquet (left to right): Shay Runion, Eldrige Holloway, John Finch, Kim Hauser and Xavier Cugno. PHOTO: ARROW EXTERMINATORS

Part of the event included a review of over 16 local initiatives that were spearheaded and supported by many members of the Arrow Exterminators team and the organization itself. Some of the initiatives Team Arrow and the Veterans Affairs Committee have carried out include service projects, fundraisers, sponsorship of families of veterans in need, and fundraising campaigns.

“The purpose of this event was multiple. It is also important for us to recognize veterans who are members of Team Arrow. We want veterans and military members to gravitate towards the pest control industry and Arrow as an employer of choice, and that only happens if you give them a reason to,” said Xavier. Cugnon, vice president of human resources and commander of the Arrow. Veterans Exterminator Committee. “This event was an opportunity for us to demonstrate to the community and to our own team members that we are very serious about our intentions and our support. We want to lead the way, but we don’t want to be alone in the game. I invite all of our industry counterparts to join us and enter into the same partnership with the military.

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