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Daniel Neves from Inoculand Pest Control in London reveals how to control your bedbugs so you can get a good night’s sleep.

Q: How do you know if you have bed bugs?

A: Watch out for bites on your arms, chest, and neck. If you’ve been bitten repeatedly for a few weeks, after sleeping on your bed or sofa, it’s likely that you have bed bugs. Search for others signs of an infestation such as blood feces and skin shedding.

Inspect the foot of your bed, the back of your headboard, and the folds of the sheets to see if you can spot any adult bed bugs or their eggs.

Q: How are bed bugs spread?

A: Bed bugs can get on your clothes, belongings, and furniture. You can pick up bedbugs from your vacation home, in your luggage, or from other people you come into contact with.

Q: Are bed bugs a common problem?

Bed bugs can get caught on your clothes, belongings, and furniture.
– Credit: Inoculand

A: Bed bugs are often found in rental properties with high turnover rates. The more tenants there are in a property and the more frequent the rental changes, the more likely bed bugs are to be a problem.

In London, infestations can be a common problem as there are a lot of shared apartments and a lot of people travel to and through the city.

Q: How can I prevent bed bugs?

A: I recommend steam or heat wash your travel bags and clothing when you return from travel. Make sure all used furniture or clothing is cleaned before use and regularly check for signs of bedbugs. If you notice an infestation, it’s best to treat it early, to prevent it from spreading throughout your home.

Q: How do I get rid of bed bugs?

Inoculand pest control heat treatment in London

The advantage of heat treatment is that it quickly and effectively tackles bed bug infestations.
– Credit: Inoculand

A: Use a product that contains insect growth regulators and killer agents. Perform repeated treatments for removing adult bed bugs, nymphs and eggs.

Often times, people use ineffective products or do not apply multiple treatments, which can cause the infestation to return. Using the wrong product can make your problem worse, as bed bugs can develop a tolerance, which is why I recommend that you seek the services of a professional pest control agency.

Q: Why should I use heat treatment to help solve my bed bug problem?

A: The advantage of heat treatment is that it attacks bedbug infestations quickly and effectively. Heat treatment is an alternative form of pest control to the use of chemicals. This involves raising the temperature of an infested room above 56 degrees for an extended period of time. The result is that it kills all adult bed bugs, nymphs, and eggs. We can also use it against other pests such as fleas, moths and cockroaches.

It is safe to use, pesticide free, organic and environmentally friendly. I recommend using heat treatment if you have children, pets, elderly parents living at home, or if you are pregnant.

Bed bugs cannot create resistance to treatment and they can spread to any area of ​​a room. The heat treatment takes less than a day and to prevent the return of bedbugs we step up the treatment by spraying insecticides and do a follow-up treatment two weeks later.

Double bed heat treatment pest control demonstration by Inoculand in London.

“Heat treatment is safe to use, organic and environmentally friendly. I recommend using heat treatment if you have children, pets, or are pregnant.
– Credit: Inoculand

We also offer an anti-bedbug treatment based on pesticides. The chemicals we use are all HSE approved, safe to use, and effective in killing bedbugs at all stages of their development.

Q: How can I make an appointment?

Call us, visit our website or send us an email. We have the expertise, experience and knowledge to help you solve any pest problem. We’ll help you find the best solution to eliminate your pests, protect you from future infestations, and make sure you can relax and enjoy your home again.

Inoculand provides professionals pest control services to businesses and homes in and around London. They specialize in eliminating all kinds of pests, from mice to bedbugs, moths and more.

Visit for a quote or to make an appointment.

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