Beginning of the Envu era

Get ready to see new shades and hear a new name at industry events and conversations. The Envu era in the golf industry has officially begun.

So what is Envu? This is the company formerly known as Bayer Environmental Science.

A brief history of the events leading up to the Envu era:

February 24, 2021: Bayer announces plans to sell its Environmental Science business division, which serves the golf, turf and landscape, pest control, ornamental production and vegetation management markets. Bayer Veteran Gilles Galliou is selected to lead the disposal and become CEO of the new company.

March 10, 2022: Bayer announces that London-based private equity firm Cinven has agreed to buy the environmental science business division for $2.6 billion.

August 16: Envu is revealed to be the new name of the autonomous company.

October 4: Bayer and Cinven announce the completion of the sale. Envu launches a multicolored logo with red, blue and purple hues.

Galliou confirmed in an interview with Golf course industry that Envu has publicly launched in US markets. The new name and new colors are on the Company Website and golf Twitter feed. Employees call the Envu company in conversations.

“Bayer Environmental Science has been a great adventure with a great history,” he says. “Envu is now the benchmark. It’s who we are. From now on, we will be called Envu.

The company opposes a startup despite a new owner, name, colors and logo. The people, products, distributor network and product pipelines that helped make environmental science a mainstay of the industry remain intact. Envu will eventually replace Bayer on product labels, but customers will notice little difference other than people they know wearing different colors.

“We will brand our products with Envu, but something like a Spectacle or a Signature will still be a Specticle or a Signature,” says Galliou. “It’s the basis of who we are.”

Envu’s physical base is Cary, North Carolina. The company will have between 900 and 1,000 employees and currently generates between $700 million and $800 million in annual revenue, according to Galliou. Envu offers enough people, products and solutions to make an impact in the markets it serves, but it is significantly smaller than companies tied to giant industries such as agriculture and pharmaceuticals. The narrow focus could position the company to expand its support for the golf market beyond a diverse product portfolio and a respected team of technical and commercial specialists.

“Golf is a very, very small game for a lot of companies,” Galliou says. “It’s a very, very big part of our business. It is essential for our business. As a company that will be totally focused on these markets, we need to become better partners. We need to spend more time with our customers, listen to them, find the biggest problems and find solutions for them. »

Galliou has listened carefully to internal and external voices throughout the past 20 months. Ten-figure transactions are complex and present a myriad of human, logistical and legal hurdles. They are even more complex when they result in the creation of a new company.

A process as innocuous as selecting a name can be exhausting. Pronounced “ehn-VIEW,” the name derives from environment and vision, a pair of core business principles.

“What amazes me is the number of names that are registered around the world,” says Galliou. “From the top of your mind, you want to have names that can really be used. You go to your whiteboard, list them, and put 100 of them that you think are totally new, and then you Google them or look at the legal ownership of names, and you’ll already be killing nearly 80% of them.It’s amazing to find the right name and concept and then make sure it’s not used or registered.

Envu’s modern colors provide a different vibe for the golf industry – and the scheme has been selected by calculated design. With dozens of companies selling products in the same categories, Galliou and his team wanted an eye-catching presence.

“If you look at the color scheme of the competitions we have today, they’re all very similar,” he says. “We are a stand-alone business. We have to stand out. We couldn’t choose a color palette that was already half consumed by everyone. Knowing this, we decided to take these warm and trendy colors. We totally have this desire to be different.

How soon will the logo and colors be spotted? Galliou highlighted his Microsoft Teams background when answering the question.

“It’s important for us to be proud of the business we’re building and to let people know it exists,” he says. “We have to stand behind the logo. As you can see in the background, the first thing we did was change my background and put an Envu logo here. It’s important to us to show Envu to the world.

Guy Cipriano is the editor of Golf Course Industry.

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