Bronx Renters Least Likely to Recommend or Approve Their Apartment Building: Survey – Bronx Times

Feeling overcharged with rent and overburdened with rats, Bronx tenants aren’t too fond of their apartment buildings these days.

Patrice Hardy has lived in his South Bronx apartment for 3 years, and while it has given him a sense of housing stability – an increasingly diminishing luxury amid the housing crisis and affordability in New York – she says she could never recommend her apartment to another tenant (or her worst enemy) in case she moved.

“I often wonder why I pay? I don’t want to be on the streets but, I mean, is paying $1,100 a month for bed bugs, mice and rodents crawling in your kitchen and not hearing from the owners worth it? said Hardy, who works as an office administrator at Inwood. “The Bronx is my home, but do I like living here? No way.”

Tenant satisfaction in NYC — based on responses from tens of thousands of tenants across the city surveyed by the NYC-based rental app openigloo — amounts to about 50% on average of tenants recommending their buildings to a friend or another tenant. In the Bronx, however, that approval rating drops to 30%, the lowest of the five boroughs.

Reasons for tenant dissatisfaction in the Bronx include poor garbage management and building cleanliness (9%), poor landlord responsiveness (7.5%), and noise (5.5%). But the biggest complaint is poor pest control which tops the list with 21% of openigloo reviews mentioning mice, cockroaches and other insect infestations in their living spaces, and little to no monitoring of pests. owners.

“Cockroaches and mice are everywhere and sometimes it’s hard to get into the building because the rats are out front,” a tenant from Woodstock told openigloo, while a tenant from Kingsbridge described each apartment in her complex. as having “an infestation of mice or cockroaches”. and worse, a landlord who “has never used tenants’ rent to improve the quality of the building”.

According to the city’s most recent housing analysis, Bronx renters were the most likely to have reported maintenance issues, with 32% of occupied units reporting one or two issues and 27% reporting three or more issues. the highest rates in the city.

Of the 266,500 households renters moved into in 2020, 30% moved to Brooklyn, 29% moved to Manhattan, 24% moved to Queens and only 12% moved to the Bronx, according to data from the Bronx. 2021 NYC Housing and Vacant Survey.

“Fortunately, Bronx residents don’t have to move because it’s overpriced, but in our data and feedback, we see major issues with property maintenance and tenant satisfaction, and that are the two parts of the equation that really need to be resolved to make renting and living in the borough satisfying for all tenants,” said Allia Mohamed, co-founder and CEO of openigloo.

Some frustrated Bronx tenants blame building management outright, saying they view their tenants as transactional values ​​rather than people in their apartments.

“The landlord company is not 100% responsive to any repair request, with the exception of one case in 2020-2021 where the building’s gas supply was cut off,” said a West Bronx tenant. “The general consensus among tenants is that the company hopes current tenants will get fed up and leave so they can revamp the building into luxury apartments.”

The silver lining, if there is one for Bronx tenants, is more “price stability,” Mohamed said, when it comes to renewals compared to their peer boroughs. Approximately 83% of market rate renewals in the Bronx over the past 6 months were for increases of less than 5%. Citywide, 52% of market renewals were for less than 5%.

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