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New Delhi [India], Oct 18 (ANI/SRV) : Pai Hygiene and Healthcare, a leading provider of organic pest control products, launched in 2011, is set to launch a free consultation on pest control for all from the holiday season . The company’s team of experienced pest control technicians will provide free consultations to help at home, and the owners of the company will identify and eliminate potential pests to provide a safe environment through organic and less harmful products. for anyone who lives or works in space.

With the free consultation, Pai Hygiene and Healthcare aims to educate customers on how pest control chemicals harm animals, the environment and humans. It will also inform customers about safe, reliable and affordable methods to get rid of insects, give product details, dosage, frequency and product practices, and suggest treatment methods for each customer. This free consultation will be accessible to everyone at any time. They will receive an orientation on the products offered and how to use them for maximum effectiveness.

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Statement of the problem

Pai Hygiene and Healthcare was first started in Pune before expanding to other cities in Maharashtra, Gujarat and Rajasthan with production of chemical based pest control products as well as provision of pest control services . In 2013, their products reached most commercial spaces, such as restaurants, hospitals, hotels, etc. have come into contact with chemical-based pest control products. Significant cases from the chemicals have also been linked to illnesses ranging from cancer and heart failure to reproductive problems and central nervous system failures. Humans should limit their exposure to these chemicals as they will impact your system, either short or long term.

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The solution

The company quickly began production of DIY and natural pest control products to overcome the difficulties caused by the lack of legal control over pest control, knowledge of pest control dosage and frequency, and operator training. Pai Hygiene and Healthcare aimed to follow the universal law of life as everything on this planet consists of 5 essential elements, which are Akash (Sky or Space), Vayu (Air), Jal (Water), Agni (Fire) and Prithvi (Earth), called the panchtatvas. They believe that because of these pantatvas, nature has all the answers, that’s why it’s time to give back to the environment. Their philosophy is to urge people to avoid the consumption of genetically modified products that lead to biomagnification. They aim to build a better world tailor-made for future generations to come.

The company has recognized that chemical-based pesticides are toxic and equally dangerous to all organisms in the environment. Toxins tend to stay in the air because the effect is long lasting; these toxins end up poisoning any food or drink consumed and the air inhaled. They completely stopped the production of chemical pesticides and their maintenance. They aimed to make products that anyone could use at home and not necessarily by an expert, because the organic ingredients wouldn’t hurt anyone.

Successes and achievements

Pai Hygiene and Healthcare sold its products through supermarkets in metropolitan cities across India, followed by e-commerce sites such as Amazon and Flipkart. Their flagship product is Cockroach Gel, Natural Bed Bug Killer and General Household Pest Control. Cockroach Killer Gel, which contains 0.05% fipronil as an active ingredient, is approved as the safest and most effective way to kill cockroaches because the smell attracts insects. By eating it, the cockroach immediately becomes infected and dies. The Natural Bed Bug Killer is a mineral-based formula that kills bed bugs by dehydration at any stage of their life cycle, from egg to adult. Finally, General Home Pest Control, made with lemongrass oil, glycerin, and other natural oil extracts, is an all-in-one remedy for cockroaches, spiders, ants, fleas, worms, and worms. bugs, spider mites and tent caterpillars.

Following increased sales and positive reviews on all of their products, they launched their own e-commerce website,, where they have sold over a million products to people from all walks of life. sectors. Their products reached multi-chain hotels, restaurants, offices and commercial spaces, and their customers included a few Fortune 500 companies.

For more details and consultation request, please visit – and

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