Canyon Cove Villas properties have mice, resident says

For nearly a year, resident Tatiana White has dealt with uninvited guests who chew candles, leave holes in her walls and defecate on her children’s blankets.

TOLEDO, Ohio – Two weeks ago, WTOL 11 reported carbon monoxide leaks at Canyon Cove Villas and Townhomes in South Toledo.

Now, a resident says she’s been to several Canyon Cove properties overrun with mice.

For nearly a year now, resident Tatiana White has dealt with uninvited guests who chew candles, leave holes in her walls and defecate on her children’s blankets.

“My fiancée picked up about 15 mice on her own,” White said. “The owner came out and removed the stove and there were about five mice under the stove on traps we bought.”

She said the problems started in November 2021 when she moved into one of Canyon Cove’s villas on Firestone Drive.

At first, she only saw signs of mice. But soon the rodents were seen more and more frequently. Then White and his family began to get sick.

“The air got thick,” White said. “My son and I have asthma, we have made several trips to the hospital. Through all of this, we learned that my fiancé is terribly allergic to mouse urine.”

White submitted several exterminator requests to Canyon Cove management. She said she was ignored for eight months until May 2022.

“They sent Orkin (a pest control service out of Toledo) and they set paper traps and the mice were running through the paper traps,” White said.

While the mice were still rampant, White and her family took a month-long trip to Maryland just to get some fresh air and some peace. When she came back, she knew she couldn’t put her family back in that villa.

“I told them I was going to get a lawyer. I wrote a long email to let them know, and then they decided to move me to a new unit,” White said.

Ideally, moving to a new unit would leave rodent issues behind. But that was not the case.

“There’s a mouse here now. And I don’t know how many mice are here,” White said.

In fact, we cut off his interview with WTOL 11.

The mouse was captured by the camera, but was not seen for the rest of the night.

Canyon Cove management released a statement, which can be read in full below.

“Providing excellent customer service is our priority. If a resident has any concerns or issues, they can contact Canyon Cove management and be confident that their service request will be addressed appropriately and immediately.

We have a team of staff and approved vendors available to handle any issues. We follow all industry standard best practices and resolve issues as quickly as possible. We use licensed exterminators whenever necessary, and all known issues according to our records have been addressed.”

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