Charlotte tenant complains about moldy apartment and seeks solutions

“It’s more than just background noise. It’s very, very loud. It’s like being in a warehouse or some kind of industrial plant.”

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina — A South Charlotte woman said she was forced to live in her one-bedroom apartment with mold, leaking pipes and booming industrial-size dehumidifiers despite attempts repeated to resolve issues with the management team.

Amanda Gaston lives in Anson at the Lakes off South Boulevard.

She said she discovered a problem with her pipes leaking from the HVAC unit on Saturday, June 18, with puddles covering the bathroom and closet floors.

The next day, she discovered mold on the baseboards.

Gaston is allergic to mould.

She submitted a written maintenance request to the apartment complex but received no response until she followed up again on Tuesday.

“I’m allergic – I’m losing my voice, I had a rash,” Gaston said. “When the maintenance man opened the HVAC unit he immediately started coughing like crazy. I started coughing like crazy and I’m probably sitting 15 feet from where the HVAC unit, so clearly there is mold.”

Gaston said the worker then drilled a hole in the closet wall to access the leaking pipe.

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The apartment complex then contracted Servpro to clean and restore the device.

Servpro technicians came out on Tuesday evening but did not have the proper equipment to remove the mold, so they laid plastic sheets over the door to create a containment area.

“The Containment Zone is basically my bedroom, one bathroom — and I live in a one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment,” Gaston said.

Servpro also left two industrial-size dehumidifiers: one in the bedroom and one in the bathroom.

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“It’s more than just background noise,” Gaston said. “It’s very, very noisy. It’s like being in a warehouse or some kind of industrial plant… I can’t use the shower because there’s a lot of machinery in there, and I am afraid she will be electrocuted.”

Gaston said she works from home and has a cat terrified of machines.

“I can’t get phone calls for work because of the noise,” Gaston said.

Gaston told WCNC Charlotte she has been in contact with the apartment complex and its owner Bell Partners on a solution.

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WCNC Charlotte contacted the company, which provided the following statement via email.

“We have worked with the resident to resolve the issue and hope the issue will be resolved soon,” a Bell Partners spokesperson said.

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“You come home at the end of the day to your nice house or apartment and we have to stay in there,” Gaston said. “It is not fair.”

After Gaston and WCNC Charlotte contacted the company, Gaston received an email on Sunday, June 26, stating that the company would reimburse him for hotel stays.

The company said it would also grant Gaston’s request to terminate the lease without penalties. She will also be credited with the rent for the days she did not live in her apartment.

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