MPs: Duo impersonates pest control to steal jewelry from Bradenton

Deputies say Sean and Laura Frank used a pest control scam to break into a Manatee County apartment complex.

MANATEE COUNTY, Fla. — Two people were arrested Thursday afternoon after Manatee County deputies said they stole jewelry while posing as pest control officers.

According to Manatee County Sheriff’s OfficeSean Frank and Laura Frank claimed they were in a woman’s apartment to provide pest control as a service provided by the condominium association.

After the duo left the residence, the woman noticed several missing rings – a total value of more than $3,000, deputies explain. After reporting the theft to the main office, employees reportedly told the woman that no pest control service had been called.

911 was called shortly after and several units responded to the area.

After a few minutes, deputies say they arrested a woman on the second floor and a man in the parking lot who were positively identified by the resident who lost her rings.

A search of the area was carried out and deputies reportedly found a pump sprayer along with several pieces of jewelery in a bin in a utility room.

Some of the jewelry found in the trash belonged to the woman living in the condo community, the sheriff’s office reports. The agency went on to explain that the duo entered other units, but none of the residents reported stealing anything.

Just a day earlier, two people matching the same description as Sean and Laura Frank used a pest control scam to break into several condos off Bayshore Drive in Bradenton, according to deputies. After they left, a resident reported two wedding rings missing from a jewelry box.

The investigation into the incident is ongoing.

“Never let anyone into your home to provide services you haven’t previously scheduled with a reputable company,” the sheriff’s office wrote in a news release. “If in doubt, contact law enforcement.”

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