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JOSEFINA NER DUEÑAS Managing Director Pixa Corporation

“The products are always as good as the way they are used. No matter what the cost, if they are not applied correctly, the problem will not be solved.”

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Picture this: After years of saving, you’ve finally moved into your dream home. However, you later find out that termites are literally eating away at your investment. For many Filipinos, pest control is usually not a priority. Instead, they choose to avoid facing the problem until the damage costs thousands of pesos to repair or worse, is beyond repair.

Now if only they had called Josefina Ner Dueñas earlier when the situation was still manageable. Dueñas – or “Jojo” as his relatives call him – is the Managing Director of Pixa Corporation, a full-service pest and hygiene management service with a nationwide network since 2009.

It might be rare to see a woman take on the pest control, but for Dueñas, someone has to do the job. “I feel disgusted when I see a crawling cockroach, but my first instinct would be to run after it and run over it,” she says. “Then I would ask myself why and how the insect entered and what to do. “

This, from someone who looks like they can’t hurt a fly, and has fond childhood memories of wanting to be a nun and receiving the most obedient and best honors in the world. driving to school. “I was the girly type, who felt happy and so pretty when my daddy tied a bright yellow ribbon on my ponytail,” she recalls.

Dueñas graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Public Relations from Santa Isabel College on Taft Avenue, Manila. She said, “The priority was to have me in a dormitory because we lived in Tagaytay and did not have a house in Manila. It was a relatively new course at the time, and I took it mainly because I was so scared of math.

“My challenges back then were financial and I felt a little guilty about living a college lifestyle, but my parents worked without complaining. It pushed me to do well, so I could get a good job right away and help out. There were four of us, and I knew getting us all to college would take a heavy toll on my mom and dad. My perseverance has earned me Cum Laude honors. “

Public relations wasn’t exactly the course of her dreams – law was – but she’s happy to be part of it. “It gave me the confidence to take on my product and business management roles at Bayer and BASF, and now as a business owner, with my predilection for sales and marketing. Our efforts are always strategic, intentional, and resolutely engaged in the corporate role that I envisioned Pixa Corporation to be – in a class of its own. “

Bug cases

After graduating, she worked for the government. “Back then, when you graduated with honors, the Civil Service Commission gave you a certificate of professional eligibility, following PD 907. My mother was so proud when she heard that I had one. She was also a government employee.

“In addition, there was a job ready for me as an information officer with the Fertilizer and Pesticide Authority (FPA). However, before she could take the job, the EDSA revolution happened. She says: “I first had to work as executive assistant and secretary to the mayor of the OIC of Tagaytay, Francis Tolentino. It was after two years that I was able to work at the FPA, where my romance was born. with insects and rodents, ”she laughs.

Dueñas at an industrial event in Malaysia

Dueñas at an industrial event in Malaysia

Pixa technicians make sure termites and other insects are kept away

Pixa technicians make sure termites and other insects are kept away

The president of the Pest Control Association of the Philippines visits a construction site in Davao.  CONTRIBUTED PHOTOS

The president of the Pest Control Association of the Philippines visits a construction site in Davao. CONTRIBUTED PHOTOS

She continues: “As a regulatory agency that manages chemical companies, the FPA opened up opportunities for me to move to Bayer, where I spent almost 16 years. As someone who always wants to be good at everything, I took advantage of continuing education opportunities. to be able to fulfill my roles well. This included short courses on pests at the University of the Philippines at Los Baños, Laguna on pests. “

She was quickly recognized for her expertise and invited to become one of the resource speakers in the training of pest control operators for their license to practice. “The strong technical background that I have gained and honed during my long years at Bayer and two more years at BASF Chemical Company as regional sales manager for vector control products – Asia Pacific region, constitutes the backbone of my knowledge bank, ”she says.

When she finally retired from the corporate world, she asked herself two questions: “Am I doing what I love or what I’m good at?” “

Having served at both regulatory and practitioner levels, Dueñas felt confident enough to define a good technical competitive advantage for her new business, as well as to identify strategic niches to focus on. “Even when I was still at Bayer, I always knew that I would start my own business one day. This was fueled by my disappointment to see not-so-cheap products misused which led to the desired results not really being achieved. So at Pixa, as I always say, “We do it well. “

“The products are always as good as the way they are used. No matter what the cost, if they are not applied correctly, the problem will not be solved.”

Scientific approach

She describes Pixa’s competitive advantage. “First, we exclusively offer the TermX Replenishment System, Australia’s only high pressure chemical dispensing system that addresses long-term, non-stop termite control. We back a 50 year warranty as part of our continuous chemical replenishment program. “

She explains that termiticidal chemicals expire every one to two years, depending on the brand and other factors. When this happens, your home or building is again threatened with termite attacks.

She adds that their pest management programs are grounded in the principles of integrated pest management, scaled according to the pest conditions of each business and the factors that influence pest development. Pixa also offers non-chemical services, a first on the market. Another of its key skills is high-level professional disinfection. “The demands for this have increased during the pandemic, although it is a service that we have offered since Pixa’s inception,” said Duenas.

She remembers one of her first challenges. “Committed to our brand’s position as a premium service, we have stood firm and maintained ‘science in our pest control programs’ even though many customers have opted out. It was tough financially, and there were days I cried because I didn’t know where I would get my team’s salary. ”Luckily things got better and her clientele grew to include Maynilad, Avida, Firstgen, Lapanday, Oversea Feeds Corp., Del Monte and much of the residential properties in Class A and B villages. “

Being a woman, Duenas remains a minority in the industry. She reports, “Our industry is dominated by men, especially since pest control can be seen as one of those ‘dirty jobs’. And yes, there are coworkers, who tend to look down on our abilities. “Unperturbed, she chooses to fully use her strengths in running her business. She says:” I think I tend to ‘mum’ with my team, by mixing discipline and education.

“I am also very passionate, especially when it comes to the technical procedures to ensure that we get the results we want to deliver, and also in the application of our operational processes. I want my team to be held accountable. I am really proud of them when I see them perform and excel without me looking over their shoulder. “

As president of the Pest Control Association of the Philippines., Inc., the country’s largest pest control association, Dueñas observes that the industry needs dedicated regulation. She says, “The public’s exposure to pests and chemicals used to control it is high, so besides the efficiency of each service, protecting people, food and the environment from its dangers should be equivalent.

“I hope we can work closely with the Oood and Drug Administration to ensure that the ideals of a responsible pest control operator are upheld and that our industry is seen as a credible and valued practitioner in protecting the public. and property perils and economic losses due to pests.

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