ShieldTec offers sanitation, deep cleaning and pest control services

WITH the ongoing pandemic, more and more people have become acutely aware of keeping their living spaces clean and virus-free. ShieldTec addresses this growing concern by offering professional surface disinfection, vehicle sanitation, deep cleaning and pest control services in Metro Manila and major cities and towns across the country.

ShieldTec’s equipment and chemical mixtures are approved and certified by prestigious agencies such as the Food and Drug Administration, the Swiss multinational testing laboratory company SGS, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and SIRIM Berhad, among others. During operations, ShieldTec sanitation and disinfection experts wear properly sanitized personal protective equipment. They also regularly undergo rapid tests for Covid-19.

ShieldTec’s surface spray disinfection uses chlorine dioxide which has been shown to be effective in killing bacteria, viruses and fungi. Meanwhile, Ultra Mist Fumigating Surface Disinfection that uses an all-natural mist concoction helps people with existing respiratory problems such as asthma and allergies by improving air quality and preventing growth. mold and bacteria. These sanitation services are generally used for homes, establishments and offices.

ShieldTec’s vehicle sanitation service takes two important steps to keep car surfaces and interior clean: vacuuming and spraying. The chemical solution used for this service contains a quaternary ammonium compound, known for its broad spectrum antimicrobial properties. This service is available in selected locations or can be used easily by bundling it with home sanitation services.

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